Mandated Activities

The activities of KVK was diverse, innovative and penetrative which transformed the contours of farming in Thiruvarur District. The interventions of mechanization in rice like Drum seeded rice, rice trasplanter, Cono weeder and Combine harvester has gone a long way in transforming the lives of farmers socially and economically. The success stories of farmers taking up mechanization in rice, IPM in rice, cotton and other vegetable crops, alternate crops, promotion of integrated farming system with fish and animal husbandry stood testimony to the reach of the KVK to the unreached. The KVK has been identified as Lead training centre in precision farming for seven districts due to its impressive performance in farmers field in terms of coverage of more acreage under precision farming. The rich blend of extension methods like on campus and off campus trainings, demand driven FLDs, need based OFTs, Participatory demonstrations, diagnostic field visits, farmers field schools, Campaigns, Focus Group Discussions, computer conferencing is the forte of the KVK

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