Water conservation technology in paddy using field water tube was explained to farmers as part of JSA programme - 29.07.2019

JSA awareness and Soil sampling training under NICRA-07.08.2019

Demonstration of Boom sprayer to paddy-04.07.2019

Demonstration on stage specific bioinoculant on paddy production under NMSA Scheme on 16.03.2020

Pulses foliar spray on 16.03.2020 at Edaannavasal under TNIAMP

Mechanization training-Transplanter Demo-04.07.2019

Off campus training and Demonstration on value addition of banana - pullavarayan kudikadu on 07.01.2020

Awareness created on importance of pulses for healthy diet and soil fertility improvement during World Pulses Day-10.02.2020

District Collector,Thanjavur and other officials witnessed the clay models which were put on display depicting field level water management strategies

pulse wonder spray at Vaduvur Thenpathi-17.03.2020

Demonstration on ready to eat and ready to cook mushroom products-3

Seed sowing-Establishment of Nutri garden in Anganwadis in Thiruvarur District-1