Diagnostic visits

Whenever an outbreak of disease or pest incidence occurs, the Scientists of KVK, Thiruvarur will deliver technological message in print media and embark on joint field visits with the officials of Department of Agriculture. Thus, it acts as knowledge repository for the entire district

Visits during lockdown period- few snaps

Joint Diagnostic Field visit : Post Gaja Surveillance of coconut gardens SMS (Agrl Ento) and Deputy Director of Agriculture (Oilpalm and Coconut), Chenni Inspected 4 blocks-15.08.2020

Diagnostic Field Visit:Alangudi-Paddy Bacterial Leaf Blight,stem borer and Algae problem.29.07.2020

Diagnostic Field Visit Vaduvur Sathanur Maize-24.06.2020

Diagnostic field visit to Aavoor.Farmer:Mr. Ayub Demonstrated how to assess the health of goat by skin and hair condition-10.06.2020

Diagnostic Field visit :Cotton Infestation: Mealybug,Phenacoccus solenopsis, Grasshopper-Paruththikottai-03.06.2020

Joint Diagnostic Field visit : Cotton Infestation: Aphids, Mealybug, Leafhopper & Grasshopper Arichchapuram on 15.05.2020

Visit to coconut garden Infestation: Rugose spiralling whitefly in coconut: Ayyampettai on 14.05.2020

Diagnostic visit: Coconut- Spraying of Azadirachtin for the management of Rugose spiralling whitefly-Vaduvur Sathanur-04.04.2020