Diagnostic visits

Whenever an outbreak of disease or pest incidence occurs, the Scientists of KVK, Thiruvarur will deliver technological message in print media and embark on joint field visits with the officials of Department of Agriculture. Thus, it acts as knowledge repository for the entire district

Visits during past three months- few snaps

Intervention on flood tolerant paddy variety Swarna sub 1 - Advisory given on gall midge management-Keelapattu-02.12.2020

Field Diagnostic visit- Coconut plantations-Keelanatham-04.01.2021

Visit to Composite Fish Culture at Rayapuram-8.12.2020

Gall midge incidence were noticed and advised to spray neem oil as per the FLD components-Sithanvalur-09.12.2020

Diagnosis:Milk fever with downer, injured lower hind limbs, Downer cow injured herself at shoulder; skin & muscle teared-Sittilingam village-12.01.2021

Field diagnostic visit on Zeeragasamba paddy Field.Symptoms observed Zinc deficiency-Uthirankudi-11.11.2020

Diagnostic visit-Stem borer and leaf folder-Veeramangalam-18.11.2020

Diagnostic visit: Field diagnostic visit's Thrips problems were identified-Aallacherry and Cheri villages-21.11.2020