Diagnostic visits

Whenever an outbreak of disease or pest incidence occurs, the Scientists of KVK, Thiruvarur will deliver technological message in print media and embark on joint field visits with the officials of Department of Agriculture. Thus, it acts as knowledge repository for the entire district

Agricultural Production Commissioner, Director of Agriculture, District Collector and Dept. of Agriculture Officials- Kottur, Muthupettai -Joint visit Gall midge -16.12.2019

Diagnostic visit to FLD plot-Demonstration of Newly released Non lodging short duration Paddy variety ADT 53 with ICM in Thiruvarur District

Diagnostic visit to FLD plot-ICM in saline soil-Field visit -Saline tolerant paddy variety CSR36 is in tillering stage at Thiruvalanchuzhi

Diagnostic Field Visit - Rayapuram-Falsmut 08.01.2020

Joint Diagnostic Field Visit Paddy-10.01.2020

Joint Diagnostic Field visit Paddy - Sheath blight-03.01.2020

Coconut- Diagnostic visit-23.01.2020

Brinjal field diagnostic visit-02.10.2019

Field visit to brinjal at Vaduvur Vadapathi -12.04.2019.

Paddy- false smut-27.12.2019

Joint Diagnostic Field Visit Paddy on 10.01.2020

Diagnostic visit Paddy-19.12.2019