Instructional farm Activities

Technological products

The scientists at KVK,Thiruvarur not only teach technologies to the farmers but also sell technological inputs from KVK farm in the form of seeds, seedlings,planting materials, chicks, azolla, Pseudomonas, fodder slips and vermicompost. This has got immense impact among farmers since they actually saw the benefit of technologies genuine and quality inputs received from a reputed institution.
Quality Paddy seeds and pulses seeds were produced and supplied to the farmers regularly.
Pseudomonas is an important bio input produced by KVK, Thiruvarur which is in high demand among farmers who realised the benefits of pseudomonas
Fodder cafeteria have been established at KVK farm to showcase the different fodder crops suitable for Thiruvarur District. Fodder cafeteria comprises with Cumbu Napier, Super napier, Fodder sorghum (Co (FS) 29 & Co (FS) 31), muyal masal, veli masal, agathi and fodder maize. The visiting farmers and trainees witnessed the unit and benefitted
Demo units on slatted house goat rearing,Backyard poutry,Integrated Farming System unit,Roof top garden, Nutritional garden, Composite fish culture, Hydrophonix unit,Vegetable cultivation under shadenet, Vermi compost, Azolla production, Mushroom production etc were developed in the instructional farm

Paddy seed production
Fodder bank-Fodder slips

The folowing technological products are available at KVK

Products and Rate

Sl.No. Description Unit Rate (Rs)
1 Paddy TFL seeds Kg 31
2 Pulses- Blackgram Kg 120
3 Pulses- Greengram Kg 120
4 Fodder slips No 0.60
5 Pseudomonas Kg 168
6 Vermi compost Kg 10
7 Azolla Kg 50
8 Goat-Live weight Kg 300