Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agricultural Modernization Project (TN-IAMP) being operated at ICAR- KVK, Needamangalam under Cauvery Delta Zone of Tiruvarur District. The intervention are SRI,DSR, GM - SRI -Pulses and Unpuddeled rice which are implimented at Needamangalam,Mannargudi and Muthupettai blocks of Thiruvarur District



Field visit Paddy cultivated under TNIAMP scheme

Off campus training - Management of direct sown paddy crop during rainy season - TNIAMP scheme at Keelakadu- 14.11.2019

pulse wonder spray at Vaduvur Thenpathi-17.03.2020

Off campus training on Management of direct sown paddy crop during rainy season is conducted under TNIAMP scheme @ Keelakadu, Muthupettai Block on 14.11.2019

TNIAMP scheme activities revieed by TNIAMP Head, WTC, TNAU Coimbatore-08.07.2019

Demonstration under TNIAMP scheme of GM- SRI- Pulses intervention


National Innovations in Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) is implimented at Rayapuram and Keelapattu of Needamangalam block of Thiruvarur District.The Interventions are
1.Natural Resource Management: (i)In situ ploughing of green manure (Daincha) ii.Desilting of Farmpond
2.Crop Production :(i) Flood tolerant Variety -Paddy (CR 1009 Sub 1) (ii) Flood tolerant Variety-Paddy (Swarna Sub 1) (iii) Integrated pest and disease management
3.Livestock & Fisheries :(i) Multicut super Napier (ii) COFS 31 - Fodder sorghum (iii) Small scale incubator for sustained backyard poultry
4.Institutional Interventions:Seed bank - Flood tolerant Variety-Paddy (Swarna Sub 1)

Field day -CR 1009 -03.02.2020

Off campus training on Production Packages Of Fodder Crops at Keelapattu-10.01.2020

JSA awareness and Soil sampling training under NICRA

Soil Health card distribution at Keelapattu under NICRA on 02.10.2019

Assessment of small scale community incubator in NICRA village -07.02.2020

NICRA-Seed hub visit-Rayapuram-10.02.2020

Paddy Swarna sub1-Rayapuram-07.02.2020

Diagnostic Field Visit - Rayapuram-Falsmut 08.01.2020


SPC - SBGF Project-Revival of Millets in Cavery Delta through Capacity Building on Improved production Technologies and Value Addition in Millets scheme isoperated at Koradacheri block of Thiruvarur District

Off campus training on ICM & Value Addition in Millets is conducted at Engan, Koradachery Block on 10.07.2019 Barnyard millet seeds, Pseudomonas & vermicompost were distributed to farmers. National Fish Farmers Day also celebrated.

Off campus training on High yielding technologies for millets cultivation & value addition in millets is conducted at Mangudi on 28.06.2019

off campus training on ICM Practices and value addition in kuthiraivali under SBGF scheme at Engan village-15.11.2019

Field day-SBGF-25.07.2019

Cluster FLD

Cluster FLD on pulses scheme is operated at 75 farmers fields in 5 villages of Mannargudi and Needamangalam blocks. Blackgram- Vamban 6 variety is popularized in 30 Ha and Greengram- Vamban 4 variety is dissiminated in 20 Ha

Off campus training - high yielding technologies for pulses under Cluster FLD-24.01.2020

Cluster FLD- Vellakudi-20.02.2020

Pulses-Seed treatment-28 .01.2020 at KVK

Off campus training-17.02.2020 at Edaiyur empethi