Success Stories

Success stories documented during the last 5 years

Sl.No. Year Success Story Farmer Name Download
1 2018-19 Paddy Variety CO 52 (MGR 100) transformed the life of Mr. Palanisamy Th. S.Palanisamy, Vaduvur Thenpathi Click here
2 2018-19 Progressive farmer in vegetable cultivation Th.K.Rajendran,Melanagai Click here
3 2018-19 Field Water Tube (Pani pipe) as an Alternate Wetting and Drying Irrigation (AWDI) method in Paddy Th.R.Ramamoorthi,Keelapattu Click here
4 2017-18 Maize as alternate crop during Kuruvai season in Thiruvarur District Th. G.Sathyamoorthy,Pathur Melkarai Click here
5 2016-17 Demonstration of TNAU Bhendi Hybrid Co-4 Th. K. Rajendran, 106, Melanagai Click here
6 2016-17 Ilamathi - A Botanical Formulation For Getting Higher Silk Cocoon Th. M.Mariyappan, Mannargudi Click here
7 2016-17 Ethnoveterinary treatment techniques for Thiruvarur farm women NABARD Club farm women SHG Click here
8 2015-16 Introduction of New Cluster bean variety TNAU-MDU-1 in Thiruvarur District Th. P.Vasudevan,Mukkulamsathanoor Click here
9 2015-16 Introduction of high yielding TNAU Bottle gourd hybrid Co-1 in Thiruvarur District Th. K. Rajendran, 106, Melanagai Click here
10 2015-16 Dissemination of technology for rice fallow pulse in machine harvested rice fields Farmers field, Thiruvarur district Click here
11 2015-16 Value addition has added value to life Th. G. Elangovan, Thattaikaal padukai Click here
12 2015-16 Low cost incubator for sustained poultry production in backyard poultry in Tiruvarur district Th. K. Ahamed Abdullah,Koothanallur Click here
13 2015-16 TKM 13 as a alternate fine grain variety to Bapatla Th.Cauvery S. Ranganathan,Mannargudi Click here
14 2015-16 A new paddy variety MDU 6 for Kuruvai season of Cauvery Delta Zone Th. P.Saravanan,Vadakarai Click here
15 2014-15 Introduction of New Bhendi Hybrid CoBhH 1 in Thiruvarur District Th. K. Rajendran, 106, Melanagai Click here
16 2014-15 Polyhouse technology to increase productivity of horticultural crops Mr.S.Jeethaman Krishna, Rajapayan Savadi Click here
17 2014-15 Inclusion of alternate feeds to reduce feed cost in backyard poultry Th. Sheik Mohammed, Mannargudi Click here