Soil and Water Analysis

Soil, Water Testing Lab is working at KVK, Thiruvarur. For soil the PH, EC, Major nutrients viz., N, P, K are analyzed. For water samples the PH and EC are analysed. Based on the analysis result suitable recommendations are given to the farmers. Hence, the farmers are advised to bring their Soil and Water samples for analysis before crop cultivation
Cost for Soil sample : Rs 118/- sample (including GST)
Cost for Water sample: Rs 59/- sample(including GST)

SWTL-Soil Analysis
Soil Sampling methods

Plant Health Diagnostic Facilities

The PHDF Lab is equipped with all facilities to diagnose the symptoms of damage due to pests, diseases and nutritional disorders etc. The KVK offered the cost effective and adoptable solutions to the problems on free of cost. Hence the farmers are requested to bring the damage symptoms and get it diagnosed before they cause heavy yield loss.

Paddy-plant sample